Saturday, December 8, 2007


So, I've been tagged like 3-4 times and have never done it because every time I start, I just think that I would much rather be talking about my kids or husband than about boring me. But, my friend Heather talked me into filling out the following questionnaire for a YW spotlight. So, hopefully this is close enough!

Were you named after someone, or is there a unique story behind your name? Hmmm… no story really, but my twin brother Randy and I were named with “R” names so that we would share that in common. (FYI my little bro and sis are twins too and they share “S” names.) However, growing up there seemed to be some confusion on my part about Randy’s name. I have been told that on several occasions that I told people that his name was “Randy, no-no”. I guess I had heard it a few times from my mom. So, Randy and I have always had a tie. Maybe it was the “R” name or maybe it was being dressed alike in our bright green over-alls that we both had (you’ve got to love the 70’s)—hard to say. But he has always been a great friend! His wife (who is really cool and so nice-- a big relief) is expecting a baby boy in the spring and I can’t wait to see a Randy JR.

Favorite color: Sage green. I have it on my kitchen walls, half my wardrobe is green, I have a green couch in my bedroom and I drive a green car. (Hmm.. I never realized I had so much green in my life!)

Favorite food: Chinese (The Mandarin). I highly recommend it. It’s in Bountiful. Beware, there is always a wait and people actually line up everyday of the week that they’re open to get in at opening at 5pm. I think General Tsou’s is my new favorite dish! And there’s just something fun about fortune cookies. I just recently learned how to make huge fortune cookies (about 4” across). They look just like the little ones and they’re tasty too.

Favorite candy/treat: Twix—always good at the check-out line after a long, exhausting Wal-mart excursion.

Favorite ice cream flavor: Heath Bar Toffee Ice Cream (Breyer’s)Mmmm…!

Favorite school subject: Human Anatomy—actually the cadaver lab (studying bodies donated to science). It’s what convinced me to change from Dietetics to Nursing. Sounds strange, so I’ll just leave you wondering about that one.

Favorite book: Children of the Promise series.

Favorite movie: Swing Kids (I loved watching them swing dance and the “out” that dance gave them during WWII) I love to swing dance. I belonged to a “Swing Kids Club” at BYU. I had some random partner that would go with me to the dances every Saturday night. Oh… so much fun. I just wish that I could remember some of that now.

Favorite article of clothing: Shade shirts!! Great invention.

Talents (any): I asked this question about me to Justin and he just said hmmm….” Besides modern dance that I did in high school, which I did more because I loved it than because I was good at it, I don’t really have many “conventional” talents (e.g. sports, music etc), but I think that I would be considered a caring and compassionate person. My new favorite quote is by Mother Teresa “Do small things with great love.” Life is busy and there is not always time to do great big acts of service, but small things with great love I think can make just as big of difference! (To be honest I wanted to leave this part out of the “blog version”, but oh well what the heck. I may not be wonderful at this kind of stuff, but I would like to be and I'll keep trying.)
Favorite vacation you have taken & why: Trip to the Philippines with my hubby. I loved it because I went with just my adventurous hubby and no kids and all we had were our hiking packs and were free to explore and do what ever we wanted! And the Philippines is my “home” and it’s absolutely amazing!

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?
India—I would love to explore somewhere really far away and really different from my culture. I had several friends in high school from India and their culture was always very intriguing to me. There are some amazing sites too. What would you do with the money if you won $1000?
A new fancy camera and lens and sign up for some photography classes. (I'm currently looking at the Nikon D80 below. Any suggestions photographers?) After nursing, I think I would choose photography as a career. Growing up I always wanted to be a photographer and travel the world with National Geographic.Name one of your heroes & why you admire them:
Ruth from the bible. I love the story how she went to the king, despite putting her life in danger, to save her people, the Jews, from being killed. She did what she and only she could do. She was extremely courageous and stood up for righteousness.

What would you do if you had 2 hours to yourself?
Spend it digital scrapbooking!!! (Surprised?) Here's my current project-- a desk calendar.

What do you want to do/be when you “grow up?”
Maybe a nurse-practitioner? Or refer to $1000 question.

If you were a dessert, what would you be?
Cheesecake, simple yet so delicious. =) No pic necessary, I think we all know what cheesecake looks like.