Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blog to Book!

So after countless hours of blogging over the last couple of years and then more hours of getting it print ready, the time has paid off! I now have 120 pages of my family's life for the years of 2007 and 2008! I will probably never scrap that much, or blog that much again, knowing how life goes so I'm excited to have it. Blurb is where I printed and they did an awesome job-- very worth the money and time.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just about baby time...

2 days to go!!! My belly feels like it's going to explode and I haven't seen the shape of my ankles in a while so it must be time!?! I'm scheduled for a c-section this Friday at 7:30am. I'm very excited to meet this little baby girl. I'm wondering if she'll look just like Ashlee. I'm having a hard time not calling her Ashlee. I know that she will definitely be her own little person as I look at Andrew and Ashlee and their very different personalities. I can't help but sigh as I think of the work ahead with a new baby and being baby #3, but I can say that I am really excited! (Maybe it's the sleepless nights and the aches and pains now that are just making me think that it's time to get on with this and have the baby?) Here's probably the last belly shot:

Here's a few shots of the baby room-- just like we had it for Ashlee. No wonder I keep calling her Ashlee right. I definitely am having some de ja vu when I walk past the nursery.

Justin will probably be glad when this baby comes to I can stop my marathon shopping trips. Each week that I don't go into labor I hit the stores again and buy a few more things to "be ready". I couldn't help but buy these TINY little white dress shoes for the big blessing day.

And of course every baby needs a new outfit to come home in:

And below is something I'm very excited about. My awesome sister-in-law made me a "hooter-hider" nursing cover. I'm sure this is going to make nursing in public much easier and I love the fabrics. THANKS Chanc!

So I've also been stocking up on diapers that my sister Suz has help be get through amazing deals. I paid $30 for all of the stuff below (They are all packages of diapers except the one bag of wipes on the left). The way newborns poop not stop, these should last me a week or two right?

And of course we had to upgrade to the "family" car. I never really thought that I would be a fan of minivans (in fact I'm pretty sure that I swore I would never have one), but I can't be more excited about it. I knew I was in love when I did carpool for the first time in it. There are 3 kids in the carpool. I stopped at each house, hit the automatic open sliding door button. They hopped in, seat-belted themselves in and when we arrived at school, I hit the button again and they all climbed out. I felt a little like a bus driver, but there was no getting out the in rain or snow for me any more!
So, here we go again!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Thirty something!

Wow, Justin's entered the 30 something age (just barely I guess, he turned 31) and I'll be following in November. He seems to be taking it well. For Justin's birthday we had some friends for cake and ice cream on his actual birthday (if you're wondering why there's no frosting on the cake it's because Justin's too healthy to enjoy cake and ice cream. It has to have fruit or something, so we had strawberry short cake) and then the next night his sister was very nice and came and watched the kids while we went to dinner. It was hard to not dwell on the idea that this would probably be the last time that we get to go out without any kids (or baby) for quite awhile!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Those crazy leprechauns!

We heard that on St. Patrick's day if you put a rainbow at your door you might be visited by some leprechauns and left with a pot of gold. We colored a rainbow, posted it on our door and look what happened....

So, not exactly a pot of gold, but some yummy chocolate nuggets in golden wrappers and those crazy little leprechauns sneaked in while we were looking at the chocolate nuggets at the door and dyed our milk, alfredo sauce and jello green and left us with some yummy mint and chocolate chip creamies! Andrew said he'll be ready next year to catch them in the act!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Welcome Dallin!

We ran up for a quick weekend to Idaho to welcome the newest member of our Hogge family-- Dalin Miller. Such a cutie! Welcome! My kids couldn't get enough of their cousins! Thanks for the great weekend!