Friday, September 19, 2008

"Somethin' in your eyes makes me Smile"

This song (Smile, by David Gray), caught my attention as it was playing on my ipod and my sweet and so spunky little girl came and gave me a big hug and smooch on the lips and said "I wu oo" (I love you), mid twirl as she was dancing through the kitchen. I couldn't help but smile big. What a perfect moment! She just started returning the "I love you". I forgot how sweet that was when Andrew started doing that. Although my family doesn't always bring a smile to my face, there have been several moments over that last few weeks that have:

Andrew's first day of preschool:

Ashlee posing for the camera in her princess dress-up that Grandma made for her 2nd b-day:

My hubby canning lots of peaches with me...Mmmmm! (Here are a few of them)

One thing to not smile so much about.....

...our new pet "spiderman", a taranchula that my hubby caught and lovingly brought home as a pet for Andrew. Man, I'm a good wife to put up with that! He's staying until next week when we go out of town because I'm pretty sure we won't be able to find someone to feed this scary creature! (Then we will be let go very far from our home!)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

So, I haven't done a tag in awhile and thought this one looked fun and that I might have something interesting to share:

I am: Pregnant!!
I know: that this is a weird way to share the news
I want: (hoping for) a singlet (not twins, I am a twin and it definitely can be a genetic thing!)
I have: 31 weeks to go (I'm nine weeks. My first appt is tomorrow)
I hate: morning sickness- it sure is here
I fear: having twins (refer to above)
I feel: a little sick to my stomach
I crave: salsa, pickles and gazpacho
I search: for pickles in my fridge often
I wonder: if it's a boy or girl or both
I regret: nothing, here we go again!
I always: go early (nearly a month early has been the norm)
I believe: that these little babes are a blessing from above
I can usually be found: at the computer, half awake, or napping on the couch
I wish: April 8th didn't sound so far away (my due date)
I forget: constantly-already have placent brain. I just bought a day-planner to hopefully help in this department
I am scared: of having twins-- you're probably getting that feeling by now.
I am happy about: my life!
I tag: anyone who wants to do this, or make a similar announcement!!

**Update: I had my first appt this morning and looks like I am having ONE healthy baby!