Thursday, October 18, 2007

"To every thing there is a season..." Ecl 3:1

The year does not seem complete without a trip to see the autumn leaves (looking at everyone elses blogs and their "outings to see the leaves" I think you would all agree). Even though everything is dying, for some reason it feels like a fresh start as school starts and the winter holidays begin. I love having four seasons because it reminds me that time is passing and that I need to not take for granted the good times that I am having with my family right now. I won't ramble more, but enjoy some pics of me and my fam!

My crazy kids!

Ashlee trying to figure out how to get ALL of the leaves in her mouth

Me and my baby girl!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Top 10 signs that your hubby is a pilot

When Ashlee's third word learned was "jet" I decided that there are quite a few quirky things that come with your hubby being a pilot. So, I decided to jot a few of them down.

10. Your little boy's room has an "airplane" theme

9. You sleep almost better alone then with your spouse in bed with you (who's that stranger? j/k Justin)

8. Your little 15 mo old girl prefers to play with planes over dolls and perfectly makes the "jet noise"

7. Your pantry is full of "airplane snacks" brought from work

6. Your husband also owns a remote control airplane and a computer flight simulator game to fly on days off

5. Your child's 3rd word learned was "jet" (Ashlee)

4. Remote friends call out of the blue needing buddy passes (it's ok if that's you one day =))

3. Once having kids, you fly less frequently than your "non-airline" friends because non-reving sticks, especially with kids. It's just a little too hard to pass up the price of free!

2. You know what it means to "non-rev" and have many major airline tele #'s memorized

1. 3 or 4 days out of 7-- mac and cheese or similar is a perfectly fine dinner! (When the hubby is gone of course!)

One more-- you have your little boy's picture taken in daddy's uniform (Andew 1 year old)

A sigh of relief!

It's finally over-- YWIE! If you know what that means, then you have probably been busy too (or have in the past) It's Young Women in Excellence. We had a "you reap what you sow" theme. I think it went well, the only problem was the down pour of rain while we were trying to load the cars with the decorations when cleaning up. Once we were drenched, the rain didn't bother us much! I was helping with the decorations and invitations- fun but a little time consuming. We did a fall/Harvest theme, so it wasn't hard coming up with decorations. I tried a little of my digital scrappin skills for the invitations. It was a good trial on cards for future invitations and for christmas cards coming up-- yikes. (My sister already bought her neighbor gifts today.) Here's a look at the invite (printed as a 4x6 photo at Sam's):

Well, I was going to add some other pics of things we've being doing lately, but right now blogspot won't let me. It just says error and that "they are aware of the problem". Hmmm, are they really? Or does every error message say that? I'll try again another day.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

12x12 it is!

Here's my latest page. I've finally decided to change to 12x12, so time to get scrapping. I'm excited to use my sister Suzanne's templates. This page is a revision of one of Suzie's 2 page layout. Thanks Suz!