Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Well I've decided that digital scrapbooking, blogging and photography are not enough to feed my addictions to my computer, so I'm adding one more thing! I've just opened an online shop making photo cards. It's been sooo fun making cards and hope to be adding new cards frequently to the shop. Sooo.... go check it out: preciousprints.blogspot.com

How it works is you email me your photos, choice of card from my collections and text to go on the card and I create the digital card and email it to you to print however you would like. I'm offering a special discount for the first 5 customers-- $10 per card order from my already made card selection. I also make custom cards. Check out the site for details! Here is a preview of a card I designed using products from my awesome sister Suzanne's digital shop Purple Tulip Designs:

PS-- I would be thrilled if you passed on the info to your friends, I know right now there are lots of mommies with newborns probably considering making 50+ handmade paper cards. I'm sure this could save them some lack of sleep!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St .Paddy's Day, apparently 2 days late!

So, as we were dressing in green this morning, getting ready to celebrate St. Paddy's day Andrew was asking some questions about the holiday and I realized that I knew very little about this day. So I did a little search on wikipedia and beyond the basics of honoring St. Patrick and the lucky 4 leaf clover I found out some interesting facts: (check out the link for more info.)

* This year it was officially celebrated on the 15th-- Oops!! I guess they change the date when it falls during Holy Week.

* Originally the color associated with St. Paddy's day was blue! As the holiday became more associated with Ireland they changed it to green or orange

*Getting pinched for not wearing green is an American tradition not done in Ireland.

* Though the four leaf clover may be lucky, the more important symbol for Irish is the 3 leaf clover, it represents the trinity.

*It's a feast day, making sure to include green foods. In Ireland the festivities last 5 days!

So, even though we missed the day, I think that I'm still going to make a little treat for FHE to celebrate. Here's a cute, but simple idea I found on kraftfoods

Saturday, March 1, 2008

It's Been Awhile

For anyone that talks to me on a daily basis knows that I talk about digital scrapbooking about on a daily basis (Sorry for the non-digital scrappers, this must be a bit annoying). However, for as much as I talk about it, it seems a rare thing to actually scrap a page or two because I guess life just gets busy. So, I'm very excited that I actually finished 3 pages!! My sister's new kit AHOY inspired me. She's amazing! She's my little sister,but I really look up to her. If you haven't, you really should check out her online digital scrapping store Purple Tulip Designs. I couldn't wait to scrap our San Diego trip that yes, happened 2 years ago. I'm not sure I'll ever catch-up, but I do know that I LOVE digi scrapping. I can't think of anything better than sitting down and reminiscing about the good times I've had with my fam (except of course making more great memories with my little family). To the digi scrappers out there, happy digi scrapping!

PS- You might have noticed that I'm not keeping up very well on commenting on all of your blogs. Just know that I read them all and LOVE it. What amazing people I know. Thanks for the inspiration.