Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas Card Pictures-- Checked-Off!

Two weeks to go and my checklist seems to only be SLOWLY getting done. Today I finally took some pictures to use for our Christmas card-I know, with having my own photocard business, I should of had this done weeks ago and cards in the mail. Oh well. I had a lot of fun editing them with some cool techniques that I learned on this site. Here are some of the pictures. Doesn't Ashlee look so grown-up. Where's my baby gone?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No Tears Here!

For preschool I signed up to carpool the kids to visit Santa. Since I would have Ashlee with me I told her of our exciting outing to see Santa. She squealed with delight, smiled big and said, "And Baby Jesus too?" I was happy to realize that she connected Santa/Christmas with Jesus and that seeing Baby Jesus would be just as exciting.

Taking Ashlee with me reminded me of when I took Andrew to see Santa around her same age. When we got to the mall and he got his first glance of Santa from a far distance, in a hushed whisper he said with a look of awe on his face, "look Mom, there he is". To Andrew this Santa was the real deal. This year Andrew was nearly just as excited to see Santa, but he kept asking later as we drove home why we didn't see his reign deer. I told him that they were around the back of the mall. He insisted that next time we drive around back to see them too.

Both Andrew and Ashlee did great with Santa. Andrew had his list that he proudly recited and Ashlee climbed right up onto his lap without hesitation. As you can see from the pics below, they were all smiles!

Faces of Thanksgiving

Silly Faces
A Hungry Face

An Eating Face
Lots of Thankful Faces =)

I was tempted to set-up Christmas before Thanksgiving this year because Thanksgiving fell so late, but I hated to cut Thanksgiving short. It's such a great holiday to kick off the season as we celebrate all that we have been given. Recently, a thought that I heard in church really stuck with me: When you think that you do not have enough to serve/share with others (time, energy, money, talent, creativity etc) that is a form of ingratitude because of course we have been given SO MUCH in all of these areas that we should have plenty to share and should do so to show our gratitude! I know that I often fall into this trap of feeling like I don't have enough of "X" to share, but hopefully thinking of this as ingratitude will help.

The Score

Day 1

Accidents: 4
Successes: 4
Poops in potty: 1

So, We're potty training around here today. After 2 accidents in a row and no success, I definitely was about ready to throw the towel in. Ashlee's only 2 1/2, but I was tired of her telling me that we had to change her diaper EVERY time she was wet! She seems to know how to go when I put her on the toilet and she has even told me a couple of times that she had to go, but then out of no where she will have an accident after she just went pee pee (excuse the lingo) 5-10 minutes ago. So, I'm calling for help! What's your best potty training advise. (We are doing the small treat after she successfully goes in the potty, but is it worth it to have a bigger incentive for no accidents for X amount of time? She seems young for that) Send any great tips my way!