Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Smiles All Around

There has been quite a bit a fussing around here with our little babe, but there seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel. Addison seems to have some reflux and after trying Zantac and now Prevacid, I think we're making some progress. That definitely makes me smile. I also found myself smiling and a little more rested as Addison made her first 5 hour stretch of sleep at night and then the next day she smiled big-- another first! Oh, the little milestones that make this stage bearable! The pic above is from today. Her smiles are still rare, but she often smiles while I lay her on the couch as she stares at the ceiling. What's so funny up there?

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Tribute to Mom!?!

Today has been a wonderful Mother's day. I have a husband that is a great cook! He made a yummy breakfast with a table topped with fresh tulips from the backyard and he is now busily making me a turkey dinner with all of the fixings! (Turkey, potatoes, candied yams, jello....) and whipping up some chocolate chip cookies for desert while I happily enjoy some computer time. He knows that I have been in need of some new clothes post baby. He was kind enough to get me some capris, probably a couple sizes too small! (I'm glad at least he views me that way even if I'm not!) and flip flops.

Andrew and Ashlee have wished me Happy Mother's Day at least a dozen times today and given me lots of hugs and kisses. My biggest smile came when I read Andrew's tribute to me that he dictated to his primary teacher as part of their lesson today:

For My Mother:

1. My Mom is the best at: "laying on the Couch"
2. My Mom and I like to: go for a walk
3. My Mom's favorite thing to do by herself is "Lay on the couch" (AGAIN!?!?)

The list goes on, but I certainly got the message.... I must lay on the couch a lot! Andrew also asked me the other day why I never exercise. Is there a theme? So when I got home and was on the couch nursing Addie, I asked him if this (nursing) is what he meant by laying on the couch...:"no". Hmmm... what about when I take a rare nap on the couch..."no" again. Then when do I lay on the couch? He said in the mornings when he wakes up and I'm sleeping on the couch with the baby (after being there most of the night!) So, looks like he doesn't think I'm just being lazy and laying on the couch all day, but that I have found a new bed. Aren't kids funny? They are just so sweet and innocent. Here's Andrew looking like the little sweet innocent 5 year old that will probably not last much longer. I love my kiddos soooo much. I really feel lucky to be a mom =)

Happy Mother's day to all of you ladies out there. You inspire me everyday to be a better mom. Thanks!!