Thursday, August 13, 2009

Family Fun Pass

With the great tip from a neighbor, we got a family pass that's been tons of fun. It's an annual pass that costs $50 for a year of family admission to the Dinosaur Museum, Ogden's nature Center, the Union Station Train museum, Tracy Aviary and the Zoo. (The Zoo is just the first Thurs of each month). So far we've hit the Dinosaur Museum, the Nature center and Tracy Aviary. The kid are loving it! Here are a few pics from our outings:

Tracy Aviary:

Here are a few shots of our fine feathered friends. Here's a mama keeping a close eye on her "peachicks" (

I learned that the pretty colorful peacocks are actually the males.
We made a day out of our trip and also visited the 7 Canyon fountain play area also at Liberty Park. They have man made miniature streams that wind around with bridges and little ponds that are chlorinated and open for kids to play in. This was probably Andrew's favorite part. I was busy feeding the baby and chasing Ashlee so I didn't get any pictures (seems to be a common theme of our outings these days. Oh well. )

Ogden Nature Museum:

We went on this outing while Justin's sister was in town with her 4 kids. It was the day for deals, we also hit the Tree House Museum for FREE. I found this site with free Ogden area activities for every Saturday. Apparently we weren't the only ones who knew about this. It was packed.
Tree House Museum:

Dinosaur Museum:

Not pictured.....I forgot that my camera memory card was in my computer at home! But the kids loved it. Andrew was even brave enough to go through the part with the "life-like" moving dinosaur exhibit this year.

PS-- You can buy one of these family passes at the Dinosaur Museum (maybe the other places to!?!) The Admission to these places are somewhat limited like to only mon-fri, but they are good for a full year starting from the date of purchase.

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